California Dreamin’ and First Christmas from Home

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of Christmas time and I’m about as far away from Newfoundland as you can get. One would think this could be really hard on someone but so far, for me, it’s been pretty liberating in a weird way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do miss and adore my family and friend back home that is always there but I have found my way to enjoy the holidays in a different country. Basically I just spend as much time as possible with close friends I have met here in Portland and enjoy good company, that helps more than anything. Explaining what “mummering” is to people is always a laugh and helps me reflect on Island Christmas traditions.

I guess I’m stoked to experience Christmas in a different and new way… I get to be the wandering guest and give and receive love from people who I had no connection to only a few months ago.

Once this is all over though I’m going to San Diego, day after new years i’m driving down with some of the TSI team for a contest… Long ass drive that we’re gonna split up in a few days and see and ride as much as possible on the way. I just can’t believe I get to see California, the american promise land of sun, extreme sports and almost legal cannabis. This’ll be my first road trip since Paris to Montreux, Switzerland back in April and this one is quite a bit longer which is exactly what gets my gears going.

Part of me wants to hitchhike back up to Canada from San Diego… actually a big part of me wants to do that. I’ve never really hitched before and it dosen’t make me nervous to think about but for some reason I’m apprehensive about it. Is it that I am in a rush to return to Canada? Is it that I feel that I’ll be unprepared for when sunny cali turns into cold and wet North West?

I don’t have a clue but I’ll play it by ear. I’m going to pack to hitch back and if everything feels right I’ll go for it. I think thats the only way to play this game.


filling in the blanks

So, erm, yeah… It’s been awhile. I guess I have some explaining to do after I just stopped posting in Amsterdam. I couldn’t charge my computer for most of the trip so this place suffered for it. Das it b’y.

Anyway I had an amazing time as you can imagine, I wish I could share experiences though words as poeticly as some travel writers I read but it’s been far too long since I returned from Europe now I can’t begin to try.

I went home for the summer and took on another adventure, this one slightly more goal oriented. While in Paris I joined TSI as a rider and shit just popped off. I decided to leave work at the local scootershop I was working in and move accros the country and down a little to Portland, Oregon to live and help out with TSI which is a dream come true. Once my travel visa expires I’m going to head back up to Canada but this time not home to Newfoundland, this time the adventure continues indefinatly. 

The first stop is Vancouver, BC. I have always wanted to be in this city and feel it for myself so I plan to spend a little time there. I mean it’s Canada’s extreme sports playground with non enforcement on a lot of cannabis laws so obviously it’s paradise for me. The ultiemate goal though is Kelowna, BC to live with my buddy Mike and save some money for adventuring until Europe again in April.

At the moment i’m living in a 30ft camper next to the TSI house/workshop with a propane stove and lots of ganked cultlerly from fast food places around here. It’s bliss.

I’ve gotten a second wind from reading other people travel journals lately and I like keeping this one up for myself, as broken as it is I feel like one day I’ll be able to use it to it’s full potential. 

Quick snap of centraal station before boarding. Peace out Amsterdam…. Until next year!

Quick snap of centraal station before boarding. Peace out Amsterdam…. Until next year!

Queens Day 2013! What a blast

Queens Day 2013! What a blast


Travel is riding, riding is travel


Wifi worth more than gold

Switzerland. What a crazy little country! Home of three different languages (French, German and Italian) where spitting on the ground is forbidden and people have personal vaults in their homes.

Only a few minutes into driving through the country you’re greeted with sprawling hills covered with vinyards, I mean COVERED. No matter how steep the hill these folks cover every square foot with grape vines. I stayed in Neuchâtel for the first day, houses built from the bottom of the mountain right to the top, you can look up no matter where you are and see houses built father up than you are. We rode some street spots there before the rain started and forced us into a mostly covered marble ledge spot. I managed to really give my knee a really good smack and couldn’t ride much after that.

We returned to the house where we were staying (Merci Fabrice!) and ate some pizza and called it a night, tomorrow we drive to Montreux for the scooter contest there!

If I thought Neuchatal was beautiful I was NOT ready for Montreux. This place is exactly how I thought Switzerland would be like. Even more mountainous than Neuchatal and amazing cobblestone and architecture no matter where you look. You really get a sense of the wealth here, everything is clean and the people very orderly.  I felt like I had to be on my best behavior at all times.

The first day of the competition started really shitty for me cause I was getting hurt every 20 mins but I eventually got in the zone enough to string a pretty good line togther. I qualified for the finals but got later came in last hahah! Had so much fun and really stoked I met some of the Venture and HooTigh crews , they were my style just kicking it and smoking whenever and wherever. Real laid back style but they are monsters on a scooter.

We desided to go to Lyon to film there and I have to say it has some of the coolest street on the go right now. I spent the whole day riding and we drove back to Paris so I could catch my Amsterdam train.

I just arrived here today and I can already feel it all coming back to me. Dodging bicycles, humans, cars, trams and buses is pretty gnarly this deep into tourist season but I made it though day 1 un harmed!

Some reading on the train to Amsterdam

Some reading on the train to Amsterdam


I have a huge post saved in my MacBook about the past week but unfortunately it’s dead and the power converter I brought wont fit the circle outlets here in France (Switzerland worked fine…) but I’m off to Amsterdam today so I’ll have the post up as soon as I can, what an amazing trip this has been so far!

Insta of an insta at Montreux

Insta of an insta at Montreux

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